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The United States is a federation of 50 states,The United States has a population of 330 million people, (in 2021).The per capita income is 66080 PPP dollars (2019).The Constitution and laws of each state establish the state courts. A court of last resort, often known as a Supreme Court, is usually the highest court.Hollywood in California is the movie centre of the world and has been since the late 1800s. The first motion picture studio was built in Hollywood in 1919 and the area is still a world leader in film-making today.

The people of America are very diverse and include Native Americans, people of European origin, Latin American origin, African Americans and Cajuns (French-Canadians). There is no wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage in any other country in the world.

The USA is home to many different animal species, from polar bears in the frozen north and eagles and pumas in the mountains to alligators in the swamps of Florida in the south. The grassy plains of the Midwest used to be home to millions of buffalo or bison; most of them now live in national parks where they are protected from hunting.

1. NEW YORK                                         26. MISSOURI
2. MARYLAND                                       27. ALASKA
3. GEORGIA                                            28. MICHIGAN
4. MAINE                                                 29. NEBRASKA
5. TEXAS                                                  30. ARKANSAS
6. LOUISIANA                                        31. WISCONSIN
7. NORTH DAKOTA                              32. ALABAMA
8. IDAHO                                                 33. VERMONT
9. MASSACHUSETTS                           34. TENNESSEE
10. NEVADA                                           35. OKLAHOMA
11. WEST VIRGINA                               36. WASHINGTON
12. WYOMING                                        37. ARIZONA
13. SOUTH CAROLINA                        38. SOUTH DAKOTA
14. OHIO                                                 39. RHODE ISLAND
15. NEW HAMPSHIRE                        40. NORTH CAROLINA
16. COLORADO                                     41. VIRGINIA
17. IOWA                                                 42. CALIFORNIA
18. DELAWARE                                     43. MINNESOTA
19. KENTUCKY                                      44. OREGON
20. PENNSYLVANIA                           45. UTAH
21. CONNECTICUT                              46. NEW MEXICO
22. MONTANA                                      47. ILLINOIS
23. HAWAII                                           48. FLORIDA
24. INDIANA                                         49. KANSAS
25. MISSISSIPPI                                   50. NEW JERSEY

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